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      Modeling, Simulation and Analysis Engineer (Expert)

      TS/SCI Position

      Expert Modeling, Simulation and Analysis (MS&A) Engineers guide and conduct modeling, simulation and analysis activities in support of business stakeholders, analysts, and warfighters to define and analyze system and data requirements to support NGA business and mission processes to ensure timely and accurate GEOINT.

      Location: NCE (Springfield, VA)


      • Serves as MS&A team lead, overseeing work of Senior, Mid-, and Junior-level Contractor MS&A Engineers. This includes providing detailed tasking and guidance that ensures timely achievement of Government directed goals and milestones. Host regular (weekly, or as otherwise directed), tag up meetings that include all GFC NEE MS&A Contractors and at least one Government lead to 1) present accomplishments since last meeting, 2) raise questions and concerns and propose viable paths forward, and 3) propose accomplishments to achieve before next meeting to obtain Government approval.
      • Exhibits transparency by sharing all salient facts relevant to the task at hand. Routinely provides honest and frank feedback to Government leads on the achievability of desired deliverables within proposed timeframes.
      • Communicates unexpected setbacks quickly, and proposes mitigation actions. Incorporates lessons learned in future planning.
      • Arrives on time and prepared to actively participate in all meetings.
      • Provides technical expertise supporting GEOINT Overhead and Ground Architectures and associated phenomenology.
      • Guides the development and use of complex models, tools and algorithms to identify trends and patterns in Big Data.
      • Guides modeling of NGA’s architectures, requirements, and systems performance and considers NGA and NSG strategies and overall vision for the future of GEOINT. GEOINT Architectures include foreign, commercial and Government owned space-based collection systems; commercial and Government airborne collection systems; and all supporting ground systems.
      • Guides the creation of models to support analysis of alternatives, performance trades, design trades and new capabilities and develops alternatives for deployment based on MS&A results in existing NSG architectures and cloud environments.
      • Prepares deliverables that include collection and volumetric data gap analyses, utilization analyses, statistical and forecasting analyses, presentations, and written reports and recommendations. Draft deliverables must be reviewed by one other MS&A Contractor or qualified Government teammate before delivering to Government lead, at least 1 business day prior to due date.
      • Plans and executes MS&A activities in support of GEOINT studies and assessments, performing data collection and preparation, model formulation and set-up, and execution of production runs or other model experimentation.
      • Analyzing alternatives to optimize performance and improve understanding of ground and overhead systems architectures and components.
      • Actively collaborates in the development and collections of future overhead and ground needs to ensure collected data is fit for purpose in performance and effectiveness modeling and simulation.
      • Provide technical support to Government leads by proactively discovering and researching modeling and simulation improvements or concerns, and proposing approaches that the team can take to achieve or resolve them. Common areas for improvements / concerns include, but are not limited to algorithms, interfaces, inputs, outputs, and visualizations.

      Required Skills & Experience:

      • 18+ yrs experience
      • Master’s degree in Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology, Management Information Systems, or related STEM degree program, or equivalent Expert level experience as a MS&A Engineer.
      • Experience in Government or industry modeling, or leading others in the modeling of, large complex System of Systems or Service Oriented Architecture/Cloud environments.
      • Experience in developing, or leading others in the development of, tools using programming languages such as C, SQL, R, Visual Basic and Python.
      • Experience in the use of models, simulation, and visualization technologies in decision support roles.
      • Experience with NTM, US Commercial or Foreign Partner GEOINT collection systems and related Key Performance Parameter benchmarks.
      • Knowledge of the intelligence community and the geospatial intelligence mission.
      • Knowledge of applied statistics.
      • Experience with manipulating and maintaining large and complex databases.
      • Knowledge of tools development and use in cloud environments.

      Desired Skills & Experiences:

      • Working knowledge of Model Based Systems Engineering, processes, tools and languages.
      • Experience in machine learning.
      • Experience in Operations Research.
      • Knowledge of Structured Observation Management and Activity Modeling.
      • Experience performing MS&A on solutions using Cloud-based technologies.
      • Experience performing MS&A on solutions using structured and unstructured Big Data.
      • Experience performing MS&A on solutions using Automation, Augmentation and Artificial Intelligence technologies.