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      Modeling, Simulation and Analysis Engineer – Photogrammetry Focus (Expert)

      TS/SCI Position

      Expert MS&A Engineers guide and conduct modeling, simulation and analysis activities in support of business stakeholders, analysts, and warfighters to define and analyze system and data requirements to support NGA business and mission processes to ensure timely and accurate GEOINT. MS&A Engineers with a photogrammetric focus apply key photogrammetric principles to model the end-to-end performance of electro-optical or active sensors, make improvements to sensor models associated with the systems, and to prototype advanced processing techniques to improve the quality and accuracy of the geospatial data..

      Location: NCE (Springfield, VA)


      • Guides the development and use of complex models, tools and algorithms for the modeling, processing, and exploitation of data from advanced geospatial data collection systems.
      • Guides modeling NGA’s architectures, requirements, and systems performance and considers NGA and NSG strategies and overall vision for the future of GEOINT.
      • Guides the creation of models to support analysis of alternatives, performance trades, design trades and new capabilities and develops alternatives for deployment based on MS&A results in existing NSG architectures and cloud environments.
      • Oversees the work of Senior, Mid-, and Junior-level contractor MS&A Engineers.
      • Applies expertise in photogrammetry, sensor modeling, error propagation and data adjustment to develop sensor models for current and future systems, model and/or improve geopositioning performance of these systems, promote the adoption of community sensor model and metadata standards, and improve geospatial accuracy though post processing techniques (e.g. registration and data adjustment).

      Required Skills & Experience:

      • 18+ yrs experience
      • Master’s degree in Photogrammetry, Engineering, Computer Science or related STEM degree program, or equivalent Expert level work experience as a MS&A Engineer.
      • Expert working knowledge of photogrammetric principles and the application of such principles to solve geospatial problems, predict geospatial performance, and improve the accuracy of geospatial data.
      • Expert working knowledge of photogrammetric sensor modeling, community standards for sensor modeling, and the application of sensor models in solving geospatial problems.
      • Experience working with standards bodies, such as the Community Sensor Model Working Group (CSMWG), and the geospatial community on the design, prototyping, transition, and application of sensor model and metadata standards.
      • Experience improving geospatial accuracy using registration, data adjustment, and optimization techniques which are rigorous, consider a priori data accuracies, and provide updated error estimates post adjustment. This includes defining methods to convey the results to the end user using standardized data formats.
      • Experience modeling the absolute and relative geopositioning accuracy of data using rigorous error propagation techniques . Includes the applications of sensor models to direct geopositioning from sensor data and to the accuracy of data after rigorous data adjustments.

      Desired Skills & Experiences:

      • Experience applying photogrammetric principles and techniques to overhead, airborne and/or terrestrial systems used by the DoD/IC.
      • Experience applying photogrammetric principles in support of Research and Development activities in the DoD/IC.