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      Business Architect (Senior)

      TS/SCI Position

      Senior Business Architects define the mission or business problem or opportunity evaluating Strategic Guidance documents and User CONOPS; characterize the solution space by identifying work and information flows and identify the mission need, articulate the mission problem and develop recommended business processes to develop the solution approach and impact the capability roadmap and planning. They create and communicate business architecture artifacts to include identifying mission stakeholders, problem/opportunity statements, Business/Mission alternative analysis, information needs, workflows, mission threads, business requirements, preliminary validation criteria, Measures of Effectiveness (MOE) needs, MOE data, business traceability, preliminary lifecycle concepts and document in business analyst records.

      Location: Patriot Ridge (Springfield, VA)


      • Develops, maintains, and documents the business perspectives within the Corporate Enterprise Architecture ensuring alignment to NGA’s Strategy and CONOPs.
      • Develops the business analysis strategy to include defining Problem/Opportunity, major stakeholders, and Preliminary lifecycle concept.
      • Creates the business architecture information and artifacts (in accordance with the Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF) and the Intelligence Community’s (IC) Program Architecture Guidance (PAG).
      • Provides technical expertise in the use of the Database Management System (DBMS).
      • Conducts business architecture analysis to include providing the evaluation of alternatives, identifying business requirements, and proposing validation criteria, Preliminary MOE needs, MOE data and functional traceability.
      • Derivation, definition, and documentation of the right Resource, Functional, and Operational Capabilities and associated activities and services about NGA Corporate, along with systems analysis necessary to define, document, and baseline the current NGA CEA;
      • Planning, design, and systems engineering work necessary to build and portray the future state NGA CEA;
      • Development of conceptual, logical and physical architecture and technical roadmaps defining the time-phased schedule for the path of transition or transformation of systems and services from the baselined current state to the future state CEA; and program, segment and project-based solution-level architectures consistent with the enterprise-level architecture.

      Required Skills & Experience:

      • 12+ to 18 yrs experience
      • Bachelor’s degree or higher in business, operations research or engineering, or equivalent Senior-level work experience as a Business Architect.
      • Senior level experience in business architecture, business process re-engineering, and business modeling with systems engineering.
      • Senior level working experience in government or industry with Architecture tools.
      • Senior level working experience in the IC and DoD Business Transformation efforts and Business Enterprise Architecture.
      • Demonstrated experience with the WhiteHouse, OMB, or GSA’s Shared Services initiative called Federal Integrated Business Framework to include the DoD and the IC’s End-to-End Business Processes such as Hire-to-Retire, Procure-to-Pay, Acquire-to-Retire, and Budget-to-Report.
      • Demonstrated experience with the Defense Acquisition, the Joint Capabilities Integration and Development, and the Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution processes.
      • Demonstrated experience in conducting the DoD standard for Capability-Based Assessment employing strong critical and analytical skills.


      • Demonstrated experience with business process structures, optimization, integration, and modeling.
      • Demonstrated experience with DoDAF, IC PAG, IC JARM, UPDM, SYSML or UAF.
      • Demonstrated experience with Federal Integrated Business Framework (FIBF).